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Self-Built & Marketed Websites

Brands For Good

Brands For Good is a non-profit organization established in Singapore in 2018
to award local SME Companies who do Good to the Environment, Workplace and Community in their own ways.

CEO Asia

CEO Asia is a membership-based networking company that connects distinguished business leaders, high-powered politicians as well as foreign country ambassadors to define future industry outlook.

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MooMooChinese is an online Chinese Tutoring Service
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SGX Reits

SGX Reits is an online stock tracker that keep tracks of
Singapore-based REITS on the SGX for dividend-based stock investors

BlackHead Doctor

BlackHead Doctor is an online e-commerce platform
that focuses on 3-Steps BlackHead Removal Regiment

NovelTech V.C.

NovelTech Venture Capital is a USD$100 million Venture Capital Fund that invests in Deep Tech Companies from Silicon Valley & Asia


MeowMeowMeow.Co specialises in apparels and home decor focusing on incredibly cute cat prints for cat lovers

BlockChain World

Similar to fiverr.com, www.bpn.world gets Critical Blockchain Work to be completed faster by Blockchain Professionals and Agencies worldwide.

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Architectural Projects

Healing Strip

Healing Strip over
PIE Expressway, Singapore

Healing Strip is an urban scale intervention over the PIE Expressway of 42km, while aiming to solve 3 issues: (1) sequestration of carbon dioxide using bioalgae, (2) generation of biofuels from bioalgae and (3) using the dead spaces above an existing expressway into productive development


Retreat - An Escape from Everyday
at Pulau Ubin, Singapore

Escape is an urban scale project on a small part of Pulau Ubin that facilitates weary city dwellers to 'escape' into the tropical setting of Pulau Ubin. The word 'escape' also defines the making of the building, as its form 'escapes' the conventional orthogonal building form as well as 'escape' the conventional production and biodigestion of food.


Iqrak Mosque at
Bedok South Road, Singapore

Iqrak is an architectural project of building the modern mosque in Bedok, Singapore, with a multi-use roof that allows the ingress of natural daylight as well as functioning as an open worshiping platform to accommodate large Friday mass prayers, making productive use of the roofscape.

Martian Intervention

Martian Pods - Student Accommodation
at Cite Universite, Paris France

Martian Intervention is a densification of the built environment at Cite Universite in Paris, France, where the layering of new development for student accommodation sits in-between, on-top-of and around the existing buildings.

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